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Thank you for stopping by and being interested in my work.

When a picture is taken it is meant to be seen by others. Like Ansel Adams said, “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer”. So welcome to my website!

What is photography for me? It is like writing books, making speeches, or painting on the inspired theme. This is how I see the world and tell others about it. Photography helps me slow down in this hectic life and enjoy the beauty of anything I happen to be around.

Photography is my passion… I have been doing photography as a hobby since I was a teenager. My dad used to teach me how a camera works and how photos can keep our memories alive. They will remind us of the things that our mind would forget, they will help us share our impressions of anything we had once, with others… My Dad encouraged me to travel and the best time for me was to come home with thousands of pictures and share everything I had seen with my dad. He would be very patient listening to my long stories. Then he would critique some of my shots and hint me how to improve them. He always appreciated the opportunity to look through my photos as he used to say that he felt as if he had traveled and seen all that himself. And for me it was very inspiring to bring home my Photo Report about where I had been to as I treasured those moments spent with my dad. And I keep doing that for all these years!

Travel photos always carry informative context with them. I capture must-see views of towns, cities, sights as well as those off-beaten path, so as  people who are interested, can get an idea of what to expect from the place they were planning to go to or just were curious about.  If you have already traveled to those places, take a moment and review them again and see how photos can bring your memories back! Use my Around the World Galleries as a Picture Guide.

Nature photography… What a treat! Camera makes you see things you would never notice without it, it makes you remember them better than anything else! Let it be a picturesque sunrise or a sunset, or just a fresh leaf coming out in springtime...  I am very passionate about this type of photography, which would depict how lucky we are to be able to enjoy nature in every aspect of its development.

The pictures of wildlife thrill me. It feels wonderful when you capture a moment of animals’ relations or their behavior in a particular situation.

Portraits can tell a lot about people! My photo shoots will tell interesting stories. Love to take pictures of families. It's like  I am a witness who  records precious moments of life stages which can be shared and viewed by next generations. Isn't that awesome!? 

I am sure that photos is the link to the past and can make our memories last long. A moment a picture is taken can become a lasting one. My dad taught me to see beautiful around by means of photography. We can find beauty in anything that seems so trivial to us by directing a viewfinder towards it!

My collection of photographs wasn't born over night, it shows my growth and improvement over the years!

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

➢" To speak technically photography is the art of writing with light. But if I want to think about it more philosophically, I can say that photography is the art of writing with time. When you capture an image you capture not only a piece of space, you also capture a piece of time. So you have this piece of specific time in your square or rectangle. In that sense I find that photography has more to do with time than with light".  

(Gerardo Suter)

➢ "We know that photographs inform people. We also know that photographs move people. The photograph that does both is the one we want to see and make".

(Sam Abell)

➢ "The picture represents the feelings and point of view of the intelligence behind the camera." (Alexey Brodovitch)

➢ "I do believe strongly in photography and hope by following it intuitively that when the photographs are looked at they will touch the spirit in people."

(Harry Callahan)

➢ "For me, the camera is a sketchbook, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity, the master of the instant which, in visual terms, questions and decides simultaneously. "

(Henri Cartier-Bresson)

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